ILEE Research Day

Annual scientific meeting of ILEE members
  • When Feb 11, 2020 from 08:30 AM to 05:00 PM (Europe/Brussels / UTC100)
  • Where La Bourse – Place d'Armes 1, 5000 Namur
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In the charming atmosphere of « La Bourse”, about 50 members of ILEE came together for the annual scientific conference. Two key note talks incited discussions on the difficulty (or easiness) to publish in Science and hierarchical/horizontal management strategies in the (academic) world.

Inspiring talks and teasers presented the large variety of topics innate to ILEE, and, as last year, not only the mixture of topics but also of different presentation styles – classic oral presentations, short teasers, and one video – was much appreciated by the audience.

During the annual general assembly, ILEE's president, Patrick Kestemont summed up the facts for ILEE during 2019, concerning activities, successful PhD defences, publications, receipts & expenditures, etc. and gave an outlook for 2020 (Teambuilding Day, Travel Grant, new tasks for the scientific manager – have a look at the annual report to learn more) Without opposition, the steering committee agreed to continue in the same composition.

Winners of the day were Camille Carpentier (talk) and Alice Cousin (poster presentation) who won the trophy for the best presentation of the day! Congratulations!


Thank you all for your contributions and making this day a very pleasant experience!


Programme & presentations

  8h30 - Welcome with coffee & bits

  9h00 - Key note: Methane on Mars and the quest for extraterrestrial lifeSébastien Viscardy, Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (BIRA-IASB)

 9h45 - Rotifers In SpacE: a new eukaryotic extremophile model organism to study the impact of radiation and micro-gravity on biological processesBoris Hespeels, Biology

10h00 - Could an early-life infection with bacterial pathogen trigger immune memory in zebrafish adult?Valérie Cornet, Biology

10h15 - Gisele: Guidance for socio-economic impact of ecosystem restorationAntoine Limpens, Geography

10h25 - A multi-biomarker approach highlights the physiological functions affected by chronic exposure of African catfish to the binary insecticide Acer 35ECAlexis Houdji, Biology

~10h30 - Coffee break

11h10 - How the age, the origin and the cryopreservation affect the sperm quality in Atlantic salmonAlexandre Erraud, Biology

11h25 - Ecosystem architecture and stabilityCamille Carpentier, Biology

11h40 - Video: Characterization of weathering processes of the giant copper deposit of Tizert (Igherm inlier, Anti-Atlas, Morocco)Julien Poot, Geology abstract

11h50 - Insight into the complex sexuality of the only self-fertilizing vertebrate, the mangrove rivulusYves "Ivan" Blanco Alvarez, Biology abstract

12h00 - Do engineered nanoparticles present ecotoxicological risks for aquatic organisms?Mahaut Beghin, Biology

12h10 - Study of a biocontrol product, COS-OGA, to induce plant defence activation in flax against Verticillium dahliaAlice Cousin, Biology

12h20 - Design of biocontrolled pesticides based on detrimental insects trehalase inhibitionVirgile Neyman, Chemistry

12h30 - Lunch

13h30 - Key note: Mutual aid, The other law of the jungle - Gauthier Chapelle (in-Terre-dependent researcher)

14h15 - How the passage through a hydropower plant affects the physiological and health status of migrating species?Imen Ben Ammar, Biology

14h30 - Temperature dependence of the CO2-collisional broadening of chloromethane linesSylvain Leonis, Physics abstract

14h45 - Citizen science data for mapping allergenic trees in BelgiumSébastien Dujardin, Geography poster

~15h00 - General Annual Meeting ILEE:
Annual report for 2019

15h30 - Award ceremony

15h45 - Closing Drink