Kick-off ILEE

About 70 people gathered for the first meeting of the Institute of Life Earth and Environment at the Business & Learning Centre this 11th of June. A wonderful occasion to listen to exciting talks introducing the different research topics in the morning, gather around a cup of coffee for a chat, contemplate at fascinating posters during lunch and contribute to one of the workshops.

Enjoy the video of the day !

Introduction to ILEE - Patrick Kestemont


WS1: Interdisciplinary Practices. What, Why, How? - presentation by Edwin Zaccai
Summary of the workshop by M. Lepère

L’interdisciplinarité, ça marche ! Une enquête et un colloque révèlent des facteurs de succès - recent article by Edwin Zaccai and colleagues

WS2: What do young researchers expect from ILEE? How to facilitate the communication/collaboration among them? – short summary with results form the online survey; animation by Anne-Catherine Lahaye


Posters and presentations:

Pollution and Environmental Toxicology

Molecularspectroscopy in gas phase: a powerful tool for environment studies - Sylvain Léonis et al. 

Phenotypic plasticity when genetic diversity is low: the self-­‐fertilizing mangrove rivulus (Kryptolebias marmoratus), the new model vertebrate species in ecological epigenetics - Alessandra Carion et al.

Influence of phytosanitary practices used in cotton production on the aquatic agro-ecosystem and the health status of fish produced in water reservoirs in the north of Benin - Alexis Houdji et al.

Development of an Integrated Approach for the Diagnosis of Water quality in the Meuse Basin (DIADEM) - Melodie Schmitz et al.

The first 3D model of Omp2a: a porin from Brucella melitensis - MaximilienLopes Rodrigues et al. 

Downstream fish migration along the low meuse river - Imen Ben Ammar et al.

Characterization and Management of Natural Resources

Presentation by Johan Yans et al.

Sustainable Plant and Animal Production

Does COS-OGA induce resistance to plant viruses? - Sophie Moreau et al. 

Environmental Impacts on Human Populations

Presentation by Catherine Linard & Sabine Henry

Environmental History and Law

Des cartes historiques et thématiques en un click - Diane Delangre & Isabelle Parmentier

Thank you all for this exciting event!