Quantum cascade laser dual-comb spectroscopy (DCS) for methane gas mixture studies

For a long time FTIR and laser-based spectroscopies have been used for high resolution molecular spectroscopy studies. The recent development of Dual-Comb Spectroscopy at high resolution (<0.001 cm-1) makes this technique a powerful tool for gas phase studies. The IRis-F1 is a dual-comb spectrometer building on quantum cascade laser frequency combs. The lab of Muriel Lepère (Physics) received an Iris-F1 by IRsweep last year, the world’s 1st instrument of this type qualified for high resolution. She and her team show that it is very well adapted for measurements of line shape parameters. Despite its weak abundance, methane effect on climate and atmospheric chemistry is important. They measured with IRis-F1 the half-widths of absorption lines of methane diluted in nitrogen, and compared them with results obtained by other spectroscopies.

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