ILEE lunch seminar

  • When Feb 22, 2022 from 12:45 PM to 02:00 PM (Europe/Brussels / UTC100)
  • Where B33, Biology, 3rd floor
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Sébastien Mouchet (Physics, NISM institute)

Sébastien studies the physical origins of visual effects developed by natural organisms. He investigates the optical response of living organisms such as butterflies and beetles to ultraviolet light. His research focuses on the physical origins of various visual effects developed by natural organisms: from additive colors in photonic polycrystals and fluid-induced color changes to fluorescence emission in natural photonic structures and UV scattering in the integuments. Together with Olivier Deparis, he just published a book on bioinspired applications in the fields of optics, energy and the environment, see here

Mathilde Oger & Valentine Chapel (URBE, Biology)

In September last year, Mathilde and Valentine went to southern France to learn new methods on how to measure quantities of toxic substances in a given system. Since UNamur is lacking the equipment required for methylmercury speciation, they left to visit the platform ECOMES (Emerging contaminants, speciations, -omics) at the University of Pau. Here, they learned the necessary skills to use the appropriate equipment (GC-ICP-MS in this case) and quantified methylmercury in water and tissue samples of two fish species (zebrafish, Danio rerio and the killifish Kryptolebias marmoratus). Their research stay was supported by an ILEE Travel grant!


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Covid-19 measures : Le volet “catering” des évènements doit impérativement respecter le protocole HoReCa (masque pour les déplacements, obligation de consommer assis à table – maximum 6 personnes par table).