FRIA/FRESH seminar

  • When Oct 11, 2021 from 01:30 PM to 04:30 PM (Europe/Brussels / UTC200)
  • Where B33, Biology Building, 3rd floor
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The FRIA/FRESH candidates prepare their presentations to defend their projects in front of a multidisciplinary jury to grab one of the highly demanded scholarships. Let's get them ready by exercising their talk and by asking many unexpected questions!

On the grill:

13h30: Camille Morlighem (Geography, Catherine Linard) Malaria risk mapping in Senegal: combining environmental and human factors
14h15: Nathalie Leroux (Biology, Patrick Kestemont) Evaluation comparative des effets de l'éthinyloestradiol (EE2) et de l'estétrol (E4) sur la métamorphose du poisson-zèbre (Danio rerio) : implication des axes hormonaux HPT, HPS et HPI
15h00: Laureleen Hennaux (Chemistry, Eric Perpète) Caractérisation des structures et fonction d'une protéine membranaire à efflux de cuivre : PcoB de Caulobacter crescentus
15h45: Amandine Hennaut (Chemistry, Eric Perpète) Optimisation d'une méthode de repliement de protéine associant un détergent et un cosolvant

I will take care that we have coffee and cake/cookies, but if you want to order a sandwich, please do so before Saturday 9th, 18h!!

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