ILEE Travel grant - permanent call 2021

A funding opportunity for ILEE members with adapted conditions during the sanitary crisis.

Terms & Conditions

With this funding programme, ILEE usually offers its members the opportunity to participate at a scientific congress or conference to present their work with a talk or poster. Due to the actual crisis, such events are cancelled, postponed or changed into virtual meetings.
Therefore, terms and conditions have been adapted to finance explicitly other stays abroad, e.g. to visit foreign laboratories or fieldwork. If possible, the candidate should give a presentation in front of a larger audience at the targeted research institution or collaboration partner. This presentation can be virtual of course and can take place at a later date. Further, a talk during a future ILEE Lunch seminar is desirable.

Budget allows the financing of about 15 grants per year, depending on the amounts demanded.

The grant can cover 3 types of costs: registration fees, travel expenses and/or accommodation (no meals).

Funding is limited to 500 € for trips within and 1.000 € outside Europe.

  • Be member of ILEE at the moment of the (congress) trip. (Members of two research institutes will receive half of the amount.)
  • Only one grant per researcher per year
  • In case you attend a conference: Be first author of an accepted oral or poster presentation (it is possible to apply before acceptance is confirmed)
  • The proposed presentation has to concern research conducted within ILEE, corresponding to its objectives
  • Requests will only be considered provided that other funding possibilities have been applied for or are not applicable (please provide an explanation)
Applications must include:
  • A completed application form (find it here - Please also send a .doc-version)
  • In case of a conference visit: The abstract of the oral/poster presentation
  • If applicable: The email/document proving that your abstract has been accepted (can be handed in later) OR the email from a contact person at the foreign research institution that your stay including a presentation is scheduled
  • Information on other funding possibilities (copy of the email, etc.)

Applicants are asked to mention their affiliation to ILEE on all communication media (abstract, address, poster, slides; get the logo here). A short description of your mission abroad including a photograph will be asked for the newsletter of ILEE. It is highly desirable that the candidate will present his/her findings later during an ILEE Lunch Seminar or at the ILEE Research Day.

All applications need to be submitted to

Find here the application form


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