ILEE - Institute of Life, Earth and Environment

Multiple disciplines for interdisciplinary approaches.

Welcome to ILEE, the Institute of Life, Earth and Environment at the University of Namur, that is committed to addressing pressing environmental issues. Our institute is dedicated to advancing fundamental and applied research towards a better understanding of the underlying processes regulating life on earth, to characterize anthropogenic pressures on the environment and vice versa, and to search for sustainable alternatives to manage natural resources, to reduce pollution, to conserve and restore biodiversity. We bring together a team of experts from diverse backgrounds and disciplines to work collaboratively using innovative technologies and rigorous scientific methods to make impactful contributions to the field of environmental science.

Research Domains


Within these main research priotities, we incorporate historical aspects related to urbanization, industrial exploitation, and pollution, as well as elements from the history of art and architecture, and archaeology.
Another strength of ILEE is its extensive cooperation with partners from the global South.

Photo credits: Frédéric Silvestre & Geoffroy Libert


Based on current and former research of ILEE, three associated spin-offs have been founded:


Biological elicitors to stimulate plant defense against fungal diseases  

Diversity monitoring via environmental DNA and classic methods

  Hydrological and hydrogeological monitoring solutions.


Funding opportunities for ILEE affiliates:

ILEE Travel Grant

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