Institute of Life, Earth and Environment

ILEE aims at studying the mechanisms of Life on Earth and its interactions with the Environment.

Life is in constant evolution, particularly in a rapidly changing environment. At ILEE, we aim at understanding the evolution of organisms, human populations, natural and agro-ecosystems.

During the last decades, environmental issues have played a pivotal role in international negotiations.
Societal challenges relate to these environmental changes and require a strong involvement of scientists. Relevant topics include:

  • A better understanding of the fundamental biological processes regulating life on earth.
  • The characterization of anthropogenic pressures on the environment, including historical and socio-economic aspects
  • The search for sustainable alternatives to manage natural resources, to reduce pollution, to conserve and restore biodiversity, etc.

A strong asset of ILEE is its combination of multiple disciplines offering completely new insights and multidisciplinary approaches on interactions of organisms, species and ecosystems being exposed to anthropogenic impacts. These range from “classical” life sciences such as biology, geography, geology, chemistry and physics to social science disciplines such as architecture, art, environmental history and law.