Ecosystem services

MAPPY - Multisectoral analysis of climate and land use change impacts on pollinators, plant diversity and crops yields – N. Dendoncker

The objective of this project is to study quantitatively the feedback processes linking pollinators, plant diversity and crop yields in the framework of climate and land use changes. The response of agricultural yields to climate change is critically dependent on these feedbacks that until now remain largely unexplored. In order to fill this gap, we will focus on studying interactions between three main sectors: biodiversity/nature conservation, forestry and agriculture. Within agriculture, the emphasis will be put on three sub-sectors: fruit crops, food/fodder crops and energy crops. We will use diverse types of crop and vegetation models to estimate the impacts of climate change on each studied sector in several case study regions in Europe. The study will be undertaken with local stakeholders, who will identify most relevant topics to be addressed by the consortium. The interdependencies between the sectors will be analysed through the dynamics of land use and land cover on the one hand and dynamics of pollinator communities on the other hand. (2019-) Read more

Accord cadre analyse des services écosystémiques en lien avec l'analyse du sol (TerrEye) - N. Dendoncker

Analyse ecosystem services coupled with the analysis of the top soil. (2016-2020)

BRAIN-BELBEES: Integrative analysis of Belgian wild bee decline to adapt mitigation management policy - N. Dendoncker

The general goals of the project are:
- to collect and analyze data on recent changes in wild bee populations in Belgium, and
- to assess the respective roles of different assumptions on the decline to identify field action combinations needed to restore pollination service in agro-ecosystems. (2014-2018) Read more

BRAIN-MASC: Modélisation et Analyse des impacts des changements de la Surface terrestre sur le Climat de la Belgique et de l'Europe occidentale - N. Dendoncker & V. Beckers

Study the feedbacks between climate changes and land surface changes in order to improve regional climate model projections at the decennial scale over Belgium and Western Europe and thus to provide better climate projections and climate change evaluation tools to policy makers, stakeholders and the scientific community. (2013-2017) Read more

De la Fertilité des sols à la Santé de la terre. - N. Dendoncker & L. Richelle

Develop a method to evaluate local soil quality based on scientific knowledge and experience of crop farmers near Córdoba, Spain. Methods used consist of a collective learning process followed by a participatory approach to control soil health. (2013-2018)

Forest cover impact on water related ecosystem services. Methods and application at the regional scale (Wallonia, Belgium). - N. Dendoncker & D. Brogna

Study the impact of forests on ecosystem services linked to surface water focussing on availabitilies regarding quantity, quality and timing. (2010-2017) Read more