ILEE Project Grant

ILEE offers a new form of financial support to its members – the ILEE Project Grant!

The ILEE Project Grant aims at promoting interdisciplinary research between different teams within ILEE or teams of ILEE and other research institutes of UNamur (intra- or inter- institutional). The proposed projects should relate to ILEE’s current research objectives. The amount offered (up to 15.000 €) aims especially (but not only) at the implication of emerging researchers, Master and PhD students. Co-financing by a second institute at UNamur may increase the amount to finance a PhD thesis for one year. The latter could aim for a FRIA/FRESH candidature following a first ILEE grant. Besides, the opportunity of multi-annual applications for the same project exists (up to 4 years, see conditions below).

Terms & Conditions

  • This is a permanent call with no deadline.
  • Applications will be accepted until funds are exhausted for the ongoing year.
  • The proposed budget from ILEE is up to 15.000 € per project (possibly summing up to 30.000 € in case of co-financing by a second institute of UNamur).
  • Multi-annual applications for the same project are possible for up to 4 consecutive years (i.e. potentially 60.000 € in total in case of acceptance and availability of funds). These will be evaluated every 12 months based on a brief activity report and/or presentation.
  • Co-supervision by at least two promoters.
  • Funding maybe provided for personal charges or operating costs including equipment, consumables, applications/programmes, travel expenses, etc. related to scientific use.
  • The presentation of the research during an ILEE lunch seminar and/or at the annual ILEE research day is mandatory.


  • Interdisciplinary research is the priority.
  • At least one of the supervisors must be member of ILEE.
  • Maximum one grant per supervisor per year.
  • The proposed project should be in line with ILEE’s current research objectives.
  • Proposals will be evaluated by external reviewers and internally by the steering committee of ILEE according to classic criteria (quality, feasibility, originality and activity report for re-evaluations)

Applications must include:

  • A description (max. 4 pages) of the research project including a
    • Title & short summary (max. 150 words)
    • Description, stating the goal/relevance of the research, state of the art, including a work plan (methodology, feasibility)
    • Citing relevant references
  • Description of the work environment, partitioning between the two (or more) teams
  • CV of the applicant including degrees, graduation state, institution
  • Motivation for this funding support
  • Proposal of minimum 2 external reviewers


Download the application form here!