Team building ILEE 30/09/2024 - Registration

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NOTE that the Teambuilding finally takes place on September 30th!!

We will visit the new National Park « Entre Sembre et Meuse » (ESEM)

The ESEM National Park comprises over 22,000 hectares of natural areas in the municipalities of Chimay, Couvin, Froidchapelle, Momignies and Viroinval. It is characterised by three geological regions:

  • the Ardennes with extensive forest heritage of great ecological value (ancient forests), home to many species characteristic of this biotope (deer, black stork, fire salamander, etc.);
  • the Calestienne made up of limestone grasslands: one of the most diverse ecosystems in Wallonia, with remarkable flora and fauna (orchids, butterflies, etc.);
  • the Fagne, criss-crossed by waterways such as the Viroin, Eau Blanche and Eau Noire: well-preserved, unpolluted rivers with superb hay meadows that underline the beauty of the region.

Proposed programme:

7h45: Departure from UNamur by bus

9h00: Coffee reception in the park's offices (located in Couvin)

9h15: “Theoretical" presentation of the National Park

10h00: Guided field trip on a topic of our choice, see below

12h30: Lunch

14h00: Afternoon for exploration on our own (Johan Yans & Nicolas Dendoncker will introduce us to the projects they are running in collaboration with the parc)

16h00: Return to UNamur by bus (arrival at about 17h)

Topics for the guided field trip:

Integral biological reserve - Calcareous grasslands - Visit to “La Prée” and its facilities - 10km walk down the Eau Noire

Which one do you prefer? Choose here!


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